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"One thing that I have learnt about being a leader is sometimes, we think that people are motivated by money or power or concrete incentives, but people are also inspired by stories, about what's important: lives, countries, and communities. Whatever field you are in, business, politics or non profit, it's worth asking people their stories because often you will find their motivation. When we come together, it's because we told a good story."

_Barack Obama



Afro In Action (AIA) is an African entertainment corporation company bridging the gap between successful African Entrepreneurs / Professionals and younger African generations venturing in the world of start-ups. Our mission is to build a strong network of Young African professionals by giving them access to real life lessons and advices from African models in the community, whom they can relate to.

Afro In Action also covers a wide array of information pertaining to entrepreneurship in Africa and raise questions on issues of  politics, economy, social, entertainment and many more to younger African generations, so to raise their interests on their continent.





"Hello everyone, I’m Augustine Edou, Founder and co-owner of Afro In Action. I was born in Cameroon, Central Africa over 2 decades ago, and I have been residing in the United States of America for over a decade. I’m currently pursuing my Masters degree in Health Care Administration, as my passion is society: its well-being physically and intellectually. I love to read, eat, write and act.

I’ve always wanted to make a difference and have an impact in people’s life. I figured there has to be something that I can do. I analyzed my surrounding and found out that there are a lot of movies and bad publicity pertaining to Africa. So I made the decision to come up with something that is going to bring out the Africa we don’t see on TV. My focus is towards entrepreneurs and successful Africans all over the world that people don’t know about. Thus, the name “Afro In Action” came about: Africans making a difference for their continent. I’m very ambitious and I have a vision for a better tomorrow for Africa and for my birth nation Cameroon".

“A Lot is accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit” that’s the quote I live by.

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